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Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gift wrapping during the holidays can be a drag. Spruce it up with these fun and creative gift wrapping ideas in today’s Wildwood Park Apartments Blog. We hope you enjoy you holiday season here in Arlington, VA.


Candy Wrappers

This idea comes from Good Housekeeping. For this idea you’ll simply wrap your gifts in white paper, tie on a bow, then add some candy and sprigs of pine. Use candy canes, holiday colored lollipops, or any other candy the recipient would enjoy!


Potato-Chip Bag Gift Wrap

This is a great and eco-friendly way to reuse your old chip bags. After finishing off a bag of chips, wipe off oil and crumbs, then wrap your gifts with the silver foil side showing. This clever idea comes from Martha Stewart.


Bay Leaves Wrapping

For a natural and simplistic looking gift, use brown wrapping paper, then string together bay leaves to decorate the outside of the gift. This fun idea comes from Daisyley. You’ll need baker’s twine, bay leaves, and double sided tape to pull off this gift wrapping idea.


Use Stamps

Stamps can be a great way to create a unique style of wrapping paper for your holiday gifts. Use brown paper wrapping and roller stamps or any other style of stamp. Be creative and let your imagination go! This idea comes from HGTV.


DIY Stitched Up Gift Wrap

This is such a fun way to wrap small items such as some type of accessory, a small electronic item, or a gift card. This idea comes from A Pair & A Spare. To make these stitched up gifts you’ll need the following supplies: black, white, and brown poster paper; a sewing machine or a needle and thread; a star template; scissors; and confetti or tinsel pieces to fill up the packaging. Click on the link for more information to make these fun gift wrappings.


How do you wrap your holiday gifts? Do you have any details you like to add? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!