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DIY Face Scrubs for Soft Skin

DIY Face Scrubs for Soft Skin

Winter weather isn’t very nice to our skin. Cold winds and lack of moisture can make our skin crack and peel. In today’s Wildwood Park Apartments Blog we have some wonderful body and facial scrub recipes to give your skin the moisture it needs to stay glowing and soft all year around. These scrubs are also great gifts to give to friends and family this holiday season.


Homemade Apricot Sugar Scrub

This sugar scrub will bring a fresh summer smell into your home. This recipe comes from A Pumpkin and a Princess. To make this scrub you’ll need these ingredients: apricot oil, granulated sugar, and soap colorant (optional).


DIY Cherry Blossom Sugar Scrub

Another sweet smelling option, this Cherry Blossom Sugar Scrub comes from Le Zeo Musings. Gather these ingredients to mix this recipe together: cherry blossom petals, sugar, and baby oil.


DIY Pomegranate Body Scrub

This creamy scrub will give your skin the moisture it needs! This recipe comes from The Latina Homemaker. You’ll need coconut oil, sugar, pomegranate seeds, and jelly jars for storing the finished product.


Cinnamon Vanilla Sugar Scrub

A warm and cozy scrub that’s perfect for this time of year, try this Cinnamon Vanilla Sugar Scrub from The Idea Room. You’ll need these ingredients: coconut or almond oil, raw cane sugar, granulated white sugar, cinnamon essential oil, cinnamon (optional), a jar, and a label.


Sweet Tea Sugar Scrub

This sweet tea recipe is a great addition to your daily beauty routine for soft skin. This recipe comes from Simply Southern Sunshine. You’ll need tea bags, sugar, coconut oil, lemon, and a Mason Jar.


Himalayan Sea Salt & Honey Body Scrub Recipe

This sea salt and honey recipe is all-natural and perfect for your winter skin. This recipe comes from Ebay. Gather together fine ground Himalayan sea salt, honey, melted coconut oil, a bowl and a spoon, a microwavable glass measuring cup, and a container for the finished product.


Do you have any favorite body scrub recipes? Share them with us in the comments below. Enjoy your holiday season here in Arlington, VA.