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Enjoy a Day at the Pool

Wildwood Park Apartments, Arlington, VA  Have more fun by making sure you're prepared! Try some of our suggestions on enjoying a day at the pool!


Welcome back to the Wildwood Park Apartments Blog. Since the weather has turned warm for the summer, you might want to get out of your Arlington, VA apartment and head to our outdoor pool available to all of our residents. This week, we’ll share with you some ways to make the most of your day at the pool!



Preparation is the key to enjoy most of everything you can do, and the same goes for a day of swimming at the pool. Before heading out, consider making a checklist of the things that you need for a successful, fun day. Remember to dress appropriately, meaning wearing a swimsuit and taking a towel. Pack sunscreen and a first-aid kit in case of an emergency.


More than physical preparation, mental preparation is important as well! Being mentally prepared for emergencies allows you to be more of a resource and an aid. In the case of injury, you’d be able to handle the situation in a calm and composed manner.


Don’t Swim Alone

Accidents happen. Even if you’re an experienced swimmer, they can happen to you. Taking a friend reduces the risk of injury or drowning. Not only can they help you in case of an emergency, they’re also around for you to have fun with. If you’re at the pool with children, you should also always be present and stay aware of where they are at all times, encouraging them to follow swimming safety rules.


Take Breaks

If you intend on being at the pool for an extended period of time, remember to take breaks from the rigorous activity of swimming. Cramps and injury can happen if you’re not careful. Taking breaks allows you to catch your breath, cool down, visit the restroom, and avoid drowning.


Safety First

If you’re at the pool with children, teach them to be safe. Teach them that injury can happen if they’re not careful. Tell them to avoid running around the pool, to be careful around the filters, and to be mindful of others while they play. Adults also need to consider safety first. Observe pool etiquette and be mindful of others while you play.


With the nice weather, it’s not difficult to have an enjoyable day. Do you have any tips on enjoying a day at the pool? Let our apartment community know by leaving a comment below! Thanks for reading!