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Exercise Before Summer Ends

a blonde woman happily runs through a wooded area

The weather here in Arlington, VA is still nice and warm, which means it’s perfect for exercising outside! In this week’s Wildwood Park Apartments blog, we’ve featured a few ways that you can get some exercise. A healthy lifestyle consists of eating well and consistent exercise. Doing these two things can help your body to function the best it possibly can. If exercise isn’t a regular occurrence in your weekly routine, we encourage you to make it one.

Playing Sports

Participating in sports is a great activity to fool yourself into getting more exercise. Dreading going for a 5-mile run? Not to worry. When you play a sport like soccer, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in competitive running. Instead of running for a specific distance, you’re running to score or stop a goal. If you have trouble committing to a daily or weekly run or jog, join a local casual sports group to engage yourself in new ways.


If you’re interested in a full-body exercise, swimming is the exercise for you. Not only do you get to cool down, you also get a workout. Remember to rest and hydrate as you’re swimming to avoid any cramps and potential for drowning. If at all possible, swim with a friend for motivation and safety.

Going for a Walk

Not all exercise needs to be intense. If you’re just starting out with a new exercise routine, skip heading to the gym and lifting weights. Attempting to do too much can actually hinder a healthy routine. Put blankly: exercise cannot be forced. Start out small with a walk instead of going to the gym.

Whatever exercise you choose, keep in mind that results occur after consistent effort. Forming positive habits will lead to a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle, so begin today. Thanks for reading!