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Halloween Costuming 101

Halloween Costuming 101

This month on the Wildwood Park Blog we’ve talked about throwing a fall party, and we’ve shared some delicious pumpkin-based recipes, and today we’ve rounded up some DIY costume ideas for Halloween. Many of the items you need to complete some of these costumes may be found in your apartment. Whether you make one of these, or simply use it for inspiration, we hope these examples will help.



Instagram Filter

Make your Halloween getup Instagram-ready by dressing up as your favorite filter! With cardboard, construction paper, and a bit of artwork, you can make this and have fun posing for your social media post at the same time.


Hot Air Balloon Rider

Cut the bottom out of a cardboard box to make it into the basket, attach some helium balloons to your basket, and add a few decorative touches. Or get inspired by Creatively Christy to turn yourself into the flying house from Disney Pixar’s movie UP!


Kids Costumes

Last Minute Spider Costume from Mad in Crafts

Transform your child into a giant spider with just a few items that you can find at your local thrift store or dollar store. You will need: a black hoodie, black gloves, googly eyes, adhesive dots, two pairs of black knee-high socks, monofilament, and a large sewing needle.


Flower Pot Costume from Clumsy Crafter

This adorable costume turns your child into a potted flower plant. What you will need: a large bucket or cheap plastic planter, scissors or a knife, a jump rope, three-four bunches of fake flowers, and a headband.


Couples Costumes

Bob Ross and His Painting

If you’re a fan of Bob Ross and his happy little trees, this is a must Halloween costume to try! Just don a brown curly-haired wig, a beard, and mustache. Wear a white button down, some jeans, and push up the sleeves and you’ll be his spitting image. You can even showcase your artistic skills by cutting a face-sized hole in the middle of a canvas and painting some trees surrounding the hole. Use some makeup to have a friend complete the look.


Flapper and Gangster

A timeless combination, and it’s easy to nail the look with a few well chosen pieces, hats, hairstyles, and accessories. We love the whole 1920s look, hello Charleston.


Group Costumes

The Mystery Machine

This is a cute group costume you can put together easily, especially if you happen to have clothes that might fit the other Scooby Doo characters. (And if you don’t, you can buy them online or at a nearby thrift shop with little hassle.) Make the Mystery Machine out of cardboard, paint, printouts of the logo and designs, glue, and construction paper.


Characters from popular or classic movies are a good choice when it comes to doing a group costume. For example, everyone could dress up as a character from The Wizard of Oz or The Addams Family, or even as characters from a Disney movie like Toy Story. For more ideas, browse through the groups and theme pages at Halloween Express.


Still not decided? For even more ideas, check out 31 more DIY Halloween costume ideas from Good Housekeeping. What clever DIY ideas do you have for costumes? Share in the comments so we can all add to our list, and thanks for reading today’s post. Have a Happy Halloween here in Arlington, VA.