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Halloween Decorating Ideas

jack-o-lantern in window

Since the spooky day of Halloween is coming up this month, it’s time to decorate your Arlington, VA apartment with some themed decorations to get you in the holiday mood. It can be difficult to think of ways to decorate an apartment, so we’ve decided to share with you some tips on making the most of the space you have in this week’s Wildwood Park Apartments Blog.

Decorate the Door

Since you don’t have a lawn to decorate, the first thing guests and friends will see when they visit is your door, making it the perfect thing to decorate. There are many different ways that you can incorporate the Halloween theme, like mummifying it or slinging decorative webs across it to give it a creepy spider-infested feel.

Spruce Up the Balcony

The balcony is your space, so feel free to personalize it. Your balcony can be likened to the lawn you don’t have, so add any scary decorations you desire! You can choose to deck it out with skeletons, your carved pumpkins, spider webs and more. If you aren’t very fond of scary decorations, you can opt for a more autumn-themed decor.

Make a Spooky Interior

Some people may not enjoy having creepy or scary decorations in their apartment, but these can really add to the Halloween atmosphere. There are multiple ways to decorate, from scary picked heads to swapped out family photos (Photoshopped to be scary), the possibilities are endless. We suggest going for bloody handprint window clings so you could place them on flat surfaces. It gives any room that creepy vibe perfect for this month!

Although Halloween is just a day in the month of October, it warrants a beautifully decorated spooky home! If you have any tips on decorating your apartment for Halloween, let us know by leaving a comment! Thanks for reading.