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Do you enjoy the outdoors? If you do, then take advantage of the warmer weather here in Arlington, VA and go for a hike! Hiking is a good way to experience nature and get in some exercise. In this week’s Wildwood Park Apartments Blog, we’ve got a few tips for you on keeping safe and making the most of when you go hiking.


Before you get out into the wilderness, we suggest you gear up properly. Depending on the type of hikes you’re intending on doing, you may not need as much gear, but it’s always best to be prepared. The first thing you need to get is a good, sturdy pair of hiking boots. Since hiking is heavily dependent on walking, you don’t want to injure yourself at the start of the hike. A good pair of boots can help stave off rolling your ankles and other foot injuries. Once you’ve gotten those boots, invest in a backpack to hold all your water, first aid kit, and trail snacks. Once you’ve gotten these few pieces of gear, you’d have your base gear for hiking!


What do you consider an essential of hiking? For us, it’s water, but there are plenty of other essentials to consider before you go on your hike. Beyond a significant amount of water, having trail snacks keeps you energized throughout your hike, a first aid kit can help you in emergency situations, and a packet poncho can be a lifesaver when the weather turns sour! There are plenty of things that can be considered essential, so find the things you can’t hike without and make sure they’re packed.


Have you ever spontaneously wanted to go hiking? Though spontaneity is a fun way to remain adventurous, planning a hiking trip can ensure that you actually get to hike as well as helps you avoid inclement weather. Do your research, check the weather, and get all packed up and ready to go!