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Indoor Gardening at Your Wildwood Park Apartment

Indoor Gardening at Your Wildwood Park Apartment

Even though you don’t have a backyard to plant a large garden, you can always start an indoor garden of herbs and indoor-loving plants. Here on the Wildwood Park Blog we have some tips and suggestions of how you can start your own indoor garden, as well as information on what types of plants to buy here in Arlington, VA. We hope you get some useful ideas and start building your garden today!


Find the Right Plants

Choosing the right plants for your space is an important factor to take into consideration. Take into account the style of plants you want, whether you want herbs or not, and the conditions of your apartment. Some of those conditions would be the amount of natural light in your space, humidity levels, and so forth. Some plants that would be great for Arlington, VA would be peace lilies, English ivy, succulents, and moth orchids. Herbs are also great plants to opt for. They not only will be beautiful in your kitchen, but they make mealtime easier, less expensive, and tastier.


Find the Right Spot

Different plants have different needs. Make sure that your plants have the right amount of light, humidity, and type of soil. Some plants, such as an aloe plant, love humidity and are great to have in a bathroom. Other plants like lots of light or only need a little bit of light. Research what plants you have and determine where they should be in your home and how to care for them. Herbs are great to have in the kitchen. Try making an herb garden using Mason jars, used and cleaned-out cans, or painted terracotta pots. You could also make a vertical pallet herb garden to save space — they’re beautiful and simple to make.


Where to Buy Plants

There are a few places near Arlington that would be great to pick up some of these plants. Try out the Garden Center in Annandale, VA. It’s about a 15-minute drive from our apartment community. You can also also try out Greenstreet Gardens of Virginia at their Alexandria, VA location. It’s about a 15-minute drive from Wildwood Park.


We hope you get a chance to start your own indoor garden this month. Enjoy!