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Men's Fashion Instagram Accounts to Follow

Wildwood Park Apartments, Arlington, VA  Keep up with the latest menswear social media accounts by following some of our suggestions on great influencers in the menswear world!

Instagram has blown up in recent years and it has become a medium for artists and lovers of fashion to showcase their talent! In this week’s Wildwood Park Apartments Blog, we’ve got some Instagram accounts for you to follow if you appreciate men’s fashion. Men’s fashion has long been a underappreciated segment of the fashion world, but thanks to social media, there has been a greater appreciation for it.



Perkens Aime is a style and menswear influencer on Instagram who runs a menswear/lifestyle blog called Garcon a la Mode. If you’re looking for an Instagram account filled with suits, or a style that’s elegant and debonaire, this is the one to follow. Aime’s Instagram feed is well put together and illustrates his style through visually stunning photography and well put together outfits.


Gents Lounge

The project of Blake Scott and George LaBoda, both popular male Instagram style influencers, Gents Lounge is a hub for lifestyle and menswear images. This account features styles and images that portray a standard but elegant idea of menswear and style, generally. Ranging from outfits, to cars and motorcycles, and even to skincare products, Gents Lounge is a good account to follow if you’re looking for great tips for men.



Denny Balmaceda has been in the blogging game since 2008, largely before the influx of influencers popping up on Instagram. Deviating from the traditional menswear scene of suits and ties, Denny forges his own path of style, mixing vintage with modern stylings. This account is a breath of fresh air in an Instagram world where every menswear influencer is wearing almost exactly the same thing.


Whether you’re male or female, following a menswear Instagram account can provide you with inspiration, especially if they post high quality, beautifully composed photos. If you’re not into menswear, at least these accounts will give you things to scroll through for a few hours. Thanks for reading our blog today. We hope everyone in our apartment community here in Arlington, VA has a great July, filled with amazing gentlemen’s fashion.