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Refreshing Fruit-Centric Treats to Make This June

Refreshing Fruit-Centric Treats to Make This June

June is the time of year when summer starts to take hold here in Arlington, VA. It’s when it can look in the mirror and know who it really is — a sun-warmed season filled with flowers and fresh local produce. And there’s really not a better way to bask in the glory of this welcome season than making some treats with a dash of fresh fruit. Below, we’ve outlined a few recipes residents of our Wildwood Park apartments in Arlington can put to use this month to do just that.

Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes
Strawberry lemonade is a fixture of both spring and summer days when it’s hot outside, so whoever decided to mash that up with cupcakes is a certified genius. The added brilliance here is that these cupcakes are more like muffin-cupcakes. The sliced strawberries and lemon zest on top of the icing is a visually exciting touch.

Tangerine Meringue Swirls
Though meringue doesn’t involve many ingredients, it can require a little extra care to make just right. But fear not! This recipe is as invaluable a guide as you could ever find. With fresh tangerine or orange zest, beautiful striped colors, and the added taste of vanilla bean, these culinary miracles are a delight to look at and eat. They’ll take just over an hour to cook, but they’re worth the wait.

Pineapple Pistachio Marshmallow Dessert
Gluten-free desserts don’t always get high marks when they skimp on flavors, but don’t let that stigma fool you — this one is a ton of fun. You’ll just need pistachio instant pudding and pie filling, crushed pineapple, walnuts, cool whip, mini marshmallows, and maraschino cherries. For those looking for something quick and easy, this one is right up your alley. You can find the step-by-step directions and ingredient measurements over on the Recipes Worth Repeating blog.


We hope you enjoy these and other summery treats! What are your favorite summer recipes? Please share in the comments so we can all try them. Thanks for reading today’s blog post.