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Ways to Say Thank You

A thank you card partially within an envelope

Though you shouldn’t need a reason to give thanks and express gratitude, November is a great time for it. Almost a year would’ve passed since it became a new year so there are many things to be grateful for. In this week’s Wildwood Park Apartments Blog, we’ll share with you some ways you can express gratitude and say thank you to all those who’ve touched your life.

Thank You Notes

Small gestures can have a profound impact on those you do them for. Thank you notes are such a gesture. There are, no doubt, many people who you should thank, so make a list of those people, and pick a few in which you wish to send thank you notes to. Take some time to write a heartfelt thank you, specifying what you’re thankful for. If at all possible, hand-deliver these thank yous!

Pay it Forward

If you’ve had someone help you in recent months, you can take the opportunity to pay it forward. Paying it forward is an expression used for when the recipient of a good deed repays that deed to others instead of the person who had performed that good deed. Doing so will allow you to bless the lives of others the same way yours was blessed by someone else. It may not be a straightforward way of saying “thank you,” but it shows that you’re grateful for what’s been done for you because you’re helping someone else.   

Gratitude Journal

Journaling is difficult, but can be beneficial in helping you remember the things you’re grateful for. At the end of each day, take some time to write down the things you’re grateful for that day. Months or even years down the road, you can look back on the things you’ve written down and reflect on other people’s effect on your life.

Do you have any specific ways you express your gratitude? Let our Arlington, VA apartment community know of them by leaving a comment!